[RELEASE] ScyllaDB 5.1.12

The ScyllaDB team announces ScyllaDB Open Source 5.1.12, a bugfix release of the ScyllaDB 5.1 stable branch. ScyllaDB Open Source 5.1.12, like all past and future 5.x.y releases are backward compatible and support rolling upgrades.

Note that the latest stable ScyllaDB Open Source release is 5.2, and you are encouraged to upgrade to it.

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Issue fixed in this release:

  • Performance: Compaction manager “periodic reevaluation” is one-off. This means that compaction was not kicking in later for a table, with low to none write activity, that had expired data 1 hour from now. #13430
  • Performance: Compaction manager can cause reactor stalls during periodic submission #12390
  • Performance: ScyllaDB uses an interval map data structure from the Boost library to quickly locate sstables needed to service a read. Due to the way we interface with the library, updating the interval map was unnecessarily slow. This is now fixed. #11669
  • Performance: SSTable set is left uncompacted post off-strategy compaction completion, which may lead to suboptimal read and space amplification until the next compaction #13429
  • Stability: ‘sleep_aborted’ error during Scylla shutdown #13374
  • Stability: Use-after-move when reading from SSTable in reverse #13394
  • Stability: Use-after-move when tracking view builder progress #13395
  • Stability: Use-after-move in virtual table for secondary indexes #13396
  • Stability: Use-after-move when making streaming reader #13397
  • Stability: Use-after-move when initializing row cache with dummy entry #13400
  • UX: non informative iotune warnings in scylla_kernel_check #13373