[RELEASE] ScyllaDB 5.1.6

The ScyllaDB team announces ScyllaDB Open Source 5.1.6, a bugfix release of the ScyllaDB 5.1 stable branch. ScyllaDB Open Source 5.1.6, like all past and future 5.x.y releases, is backward compatible and supports rolling upgrades.

Users are encouraged to upgrade to 5.1.6.

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Issue fixed in this release:

  • Config: The file workdir option is not working. The root cause was scylla.yaml parsing of options with both short and a long formats, like workdir and work_directory #7478, #9500 , #11503
  • Stability: Lightweight transactions are now more robust when the schema is changed during a transaction. #10770
  • Stability: COMPACT STORAGE tables allow the user to only specify a prefix of a compound clustering key. Bugs relating to such partial keys and reversed rows were fixed.Note that compact storage is deprecated (see section). #12180
  • Stability: Reading fails after inserting clustering keys with a missing component for frozen or frozen #12242
  • Stability: reactor stalls, caused by quadratic behavior, when inserting sstables into backlog tracker on schema change during disrupt_add_drop_column #12499
  • Tools: a fix in scylla sstable: data_dictionary_impl might return invalid data #12875