[RELEASE] ScyllaDB 5.0.11

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Issues fixed in this release:

  • Config: The file workdir option is not working. The root cause was scylla.yaml parsing of options with both short and a long formats, like workdir and work_directory #7478, #9500 , #11503
  • Stability: coredumps were not being generated. A fix increase systemd coredump generation timeout #5430
  • Stability: Lightweight transactions are now more robust when the schema is changed during a transaction. #10770
  • Stability: reader_concurrency_semaphore: inactive readers are only evicted on the admission path #11770
  • Stability: During the rebuild on an asymmetric cluster, several aborts and coredump happened #11923 (introduced by the fix for #11770 above)
  • Stability: COMPACT STORAGE tables allow the user to only specify a prefix of a compound clustering key. Bugs relating to such partial keys and reversed rows were fixed.Note that compact storage is deprecated (see section). #12180
  • Stability: Reading fails after inserting clustering keys with a missing component for frozen or frozen #12242
  • Stability: Command “scylla --version” fails with: FATAL: Exception during startup, aborting: std::runtime_error (Could not setup Async I/O: Resource temporarily unavailable) #11117
  • Stability: Aborting on shard and coredump during a rolling restart of cluster, cassandra-stress load failed #11118. Root cause is Seastar #1160
  • Stability: coredump during scylla-server service startup #11252. Root cause is Seastar #1160
  • Stability: Node may abort if cache update fails in the middle #12068
  • Stability: Scylla may abort in debug mode with UDFs enabled #12708. UDF and UDA are experimental in this release.
  • Stability: types, deserializing multiprecision_int can access uninitialized memory. Found in a fuzzer-like test. #12821
  • Stability: types, deserializing bool can access uninitialized memory #12823
  • Stability: Segmentation fault and coredump while sync data for removing node #12958
  • Stability: expr::search_and_replace doesn’t preserve the order field of binary_operator #13055. This issue was not manifest externally.
  • Setup: scylla: scylla_setup fails on RAID setup when running node setup on ubuntu 22.04 #11359
  • Setup: scylla: scylla_setup script fails with: Exception: /dev/disk/by-uuid/10802a22-9562-4a01-b84f-6722eb44d300 is not found #11617