[RELEASE] ScyllaDB 5.0.10

The ScyllaDB team announces ScyllaDB Open Source 5.0.10, a bugfix release of the ScyllaDB 5.0 stable branch. Like all past and future 5.x.y releases, it is backward compatible and supports rolling upgrades.

Note that the latest stable branch of ScyllaDB is 5.1, and you are encouraged to upgrade.

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Issues fixed in this release:

  • Stability: ScyllaDB tracks transient memory used by queries. However, it did not track decompressed memory buffers, which could lead to running out of memory in some complicated queries. #12448
  • Stability: Cached reads may temporarily miss rows under rare conditions #12451
  • CQL: scylla: types: is_tuple(): doesn’t handle reverse types. For example, a schema with reversed clustering key component; this component will be incorrectly represented in the schema CQL dump: the UDT will lose the frozen attribute. When attempting to recreate this schema based on the dump, it will fail as the only frozen UDTs are allowed in primary key components. #12576
  • Alternator Streaming API: unexpected ARN values by list streams paged responses. This issue may only affect users with many, more than 100, tables with streams #12601
  • Stability: crash in Materialized View update row locking, caused by a race condition #12632
  • Stability: Crash when reporting error on invalid CQL query involving field selection from a user-defined type #12739