[RELEASE] Scylla Manager 3.2.4

The ScyllaDB team announces the release of ScyllaDB Manager 3.2.4 production-ready ScyllaDB Manager patch release of the stable ScyllaDB Manager 3.2 branch.

ScyllaDB Manager is a centralized cluster administration and recurrent tasks automation tool.

This release fixes issues in Manager backup, in particular for Alternator, and repair.


  • Scylla Manager 3.2.4, addresses an issue where users encountered errors during the final stage of backup, specifically in purging old snapshots (#3615).
  • proper support for Alternator keyspaces backups within the scylla-manager backup feature (#3165).


  • An enhanced the UI by including information about the intensity and parallelism used in a particular repair run (#3621).
  • Starting with the 3.2.4 release, the manager now skips the system_distributed.cdc_generation_descriptions table from the default set of keyspaces used in the repair task (#3601).


  • Ability to override the default 9042 CQL port for the Scylla backend used by Scylla Manager (#3580).


In addition to linux/amd64 images, we’ve begun publishing linux/arm64 docker images for scylla-manager and scylla-manager-agent (#3278).

For a comprehensive list of commits included in the 3.2.4 release, please refer to this link.

ScyllaDB Enterprise customers are encouraged to upgrade to ScyllaDB Manager 3.2.4 in coordination with the ScyllaDB support team.

The new release includes upgrades of both ScyllaDB Manager Server and Agent.

Useful Links:

Scylla Manager 3.2.4 support the following Scylla Enterprise releases:

  • 2023.1
  • 2022.1
  • 2022.2

And the following Open Source release (limited to 5 nodes see license):

  • 5.2
  • 5.1

You can install and run Scylla Manager on Kubernetes using Scylla Operator. More here.

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