[RELEASE] ScyllaDB Cloud - 22 November 2023

We are happy to announce a new update to the ScyllaDB Cloud service.

New features and enhancements:

  • Added support for Scylla Manager 3.2.4.
  • We’ve enhanced the Choose your Cluster section inside the New Cluster wizard:
    • For each instance type we now display the amount of vCPU, Memory and Storage associated with a single node.
    • The Storage column now displays the raw amount of storage for a single node.
    • Hovering over the Number of Nodes information icon displays the total amount of vCPU, memory, and raw storage according to the selected amount of nodes you selected.
  • We’ve improved the Add Data Center flow by displaying a confirmation upon completion of your request. In addition, we fixed an issue where sometimes multiple ZenDesk tickets were created after requesting to add a new data center.

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