Java dependencies


Is it possible to get away from the java dependencies (scylla-jmx) if I am not switching from Cassandra to scylla. The scylla cluster will be deployed on the new data?

I understand that moving away from java will take away the operability of nodetool, which runs through jmx and queries data from rest api.

Instead of nodetool it will be its own application which directly requests data from the scylla rest api

So far, no one volunteered to rewrite nodetool, so we’re stuck with Java.

I have seen the sources of nodetool and a complete rewrite will take a long time. Right now I have a limited set of commands (drain,repair,rebuild,removenode,status,version) with few flags. (multidatacenter is not implemented yet)

The question is to get rid of java and the question is: can I build scylla cluster from src packages without scylla-jmx dependency? I just want the developers to make sure that scylla can work without java and that the internals of the c++ code don’t overlap with java

I don’t need the full functionality of nodetool, for my purposes and database monitoring, scylla-exporter and scylla-api will do

P.S. I am rewriting nodetool in Golang , I can share the code later if you are interested

Currently, the build system is integrated. It’s an optional dependency however.

We’d be thrilled to drop the Java dependency, so please contribute the code if you get it to a working state. We’d need a full replacement, not just for some operations, to accept it however.