Package dependencies , is python2.7 necessary?

hello, is it possible to get rid of Python 2.7 in dependencies? Cassandra4 is already fully working on Python3 in conjunction with cqlsh

Yes, it’s in the working, almost merged into Scylla core master branch.

You can track it here:

Hopefully it would be in before 5.2 release starts.
If it would, it’s to be expected in 5.2 / 2023.1

Also it’s a dependency only on scylla-tools package

Which installs cqlsh / cassandra-stress, and a few other tools, the python2 dependency is only for cqlsh.

So if you don’t need the tools, one could install the specific packages without the tools

apt install scylla-server scylla-jmx

Thank you for the information

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An update:

Repackaging cqlsh by fruch · Pull Request #11937 · scylladb/scylladb · GitHub was merged.

so next release 5.3, would be have newer cqlsh version bundled (that’s not depended on python2 anymore)