[RELEASE] ScyllaDB Enterprise 2021.1.19

The ScyllaDB team announces ScyllaDB Enterprise 2021.1.19, a bug-fix production-ready ScyllaDB Enterprise patch release for ScyllaDB Enterprise 2021.1.

ScyllaDB Enterprise 2022.1 LTS is the latest Long-Term Support release, and 2022.2 is the newest feature release. You are encouraged to upgrade in coordination with the ScyllaDB support team.

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The following issues are fixed in this release (with an open-source reference):

  • Stability: maintenance operation (e.g. cleanup) can hang forever if stopped
  • Performance: Fix virtio IRQ assignment, for example, for GCP deployments (EC2 and Azure don’t use virtio-net)
  • Stability: coredumps were not being generated. A fix increase systemd coredump generation timeout #5430
  • Stability: Node shutdown process freezing for over 30 minutes during shut down database stage #9242
  • Stability: systemd-coredump@.service should be tuned to not fail due to timeout #9837
  • streaming: stale entries in system_distributed.view_build_status causes unnecessary view building during streaming #11905
  • Stability: Node may abort if cache update fails in the middle #12068