[RELEASE] Scylla Operator 1.11.0

The ScyllaDB team is pleased to announce the release of Scylla Operator 1.11.0.

Scylla Operator is an open-source project that helps ScyllaDB Open Source and ScyllaDB Enterprise users run ScyllaDB on Kubernetes. The Scylla Operator manages ScyllaDB clusters deployed to Kubernetes and automates tasks related to operating a ScyllaDB cluster, like installation, vertical and horizontal scaling, as well as rolling upgrades.

Scylla Operator 1.11.0 improves stability and brings a few features. As with all of our releases, all API changes are backward compatible.

Notable changes

  • ScyllaCluster CRD was extended with options allowing users to expose their clusters to external networks. Users are able to control which addresses are broadcasted between nodes and clients independently allowing them to create more advanced setups (#1359, documentation).
  • ScyllaCluster CRD was extended with additional user-provided external seeds. This allows for manually connecting multiple ScyllaCluster objects forming a single logical ScyllaDB cluster. Combining this with the ability to expose ScyllaClusters, users are now able to manually set up multi-datacenter clusters improving the high availability of their setups (#1321, documentation).
  • Automatic client-to-node TLS certificates feature was promoted to beta. ScyllaClusters are going to listen on both non-encrypted and encrypted CQL ports (#1407).
  • Experimental - new must-gather command was added to Scylla Operator binary allowing users to collect the dump of Kubernetes resources related to ScyllaCluster objects. It’s useful when users encounter any issues and should be attached to every bug report (#1368, documentation).

For more changes and details check out the GitHub release notes.

Supported versions

  • ScyllaDB Open Source >=5.0, ScyllaDB Enterprise >=2021.1
  • Kubernetes >=1.21
  • Container Runtime Interface API == v1
  • ScyllaDB Manager >=2.6
  • ScyllaDB Monitoring 4.4.5

Upgrade instructions

Upgrading from v1.10.x with kubectl apply doesn’t require any extra action, just take the manifest from v1.11.0 tag and substitute the released image. Using helm requires a mandatory manual step for every release because helm can’t handle CRDs updates. For details, see our upgrade documentation.

Getting started with Scylla Operator

  • Scylla Operator Documentation
  • Learn how to deploy Scylla on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) here
  • Learn how to deploy Scylla on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Engine (EKS) here
  • Learn how to deploy Scylla on a Kubernetes Cluster here

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We’ll welcome your feedback! Feel free to open an issue or reach out on the #scylla-operator channel in Scylla User Slack.


Scylla Operator Team

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We noticed an issue with upgrading from Operator v1.10 to v1.11.0, please wait with the upgrade until we release 1.11.1.

ScyllaCluster’s created before the upgrade may get stuck on maintenance operations like rolling restarts, upgrades, scaling etc.
ScyllaCluster’s created after the upgrade are not affected.

1.11.1 has been released, issue mentioned above is fixed there: