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I’m new to ScyllaDB; I’ve been struggling a lot to find the right database for my new online 3D videogame, but none has been good enough for me yet, now I’m considering ScyllaDB, but I have a few questions on the free plan of ScyllaDB - Open Source.
How big is the information limit for the free plan? Like, it fits 1 GB, or 5 GB, or other size?
Is there any limit like “x CRUD requests/month” in the Open Source plan?
Is ScyllaDB on its own even a good option for an online game? If not, do you have any alternative options?
Is the free plan good enough if I’m creating a 3D multiplayer videogame, considering it has to send really a lot of requests per second to keep showing the game world to the player in nearly real-time? I’m considering a GET request every 10 milliseconds.

Hi, first of all I’m not affiliated to ScyllaDB,
ScyllaDB open source has no limits for node or requests, just download on nodes and start it!
I don’t know if it’s a good option for a 3d multiplayer game because i don’t know about your game/usecase.

It’s a simple Minecraft clone: briefly, you can make a world everybody can join, you can join a world, place and break blocks, you’re also handed out 8 unique guns you can shoot anybody with.

There is no limitation on ScyllaDB Open Source capacity, throughput, number, or size of nodes in a ScyllaDB Cluster.
You can use ScyllaDB Open Source in production for 10s and 100s of TBs of data.

ScyllaDB Enterprise has extra features, easier administration (see Scylla Manager), better performance, and commercial support. You can start with Open Source and upgrade to Enterprise at any point.

BTW, I’m a huge Minecraft fan and would be happy to see your open-source alternative :slight_smile:

VP Product, ScyllaDB

Thanks for the information you gave me! I will stop on ScyllaDB then; I’m planning the game as a game with no expense and no income either.
I’m new to game dev and I’m just messing around with that, so it’s not guaranteed the game will turn out a masterpiece.
The original game was made by a Russian individual and by the state of the game it was obvious that the game won’t meet anymore updates, and the game was taken down in around 2020-2021, so I decided to try and recreate that. I don’t want to add in too much new features, but I don’t want to miss on a lot of them either.

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Why stop using ScyllaDB?
As I wrote, ScyllaDB Open Source is 100% production ready, with no limitations, and, IMHO, an excellent fit for open source projects, even large scale.