Error starting up Scylla in Github Actions

I get an error while starting Scylla with github actions, it worked for months and suddenly not anymore, any ideas? Scylla 0.11.1 · Jasperav/Catalytic@e9a6f39 · GitHub

In scylla rust driver CI we use slightly different healt check:
--health-cmd "cqlsh --debug scylladb" --health-interval 5s --health-retries 10. Notice that we explicitly pass scylladb to cqlsh.

I see that it was changed in this commit: CI: use container hostname in healthcheck · scylladb/scylla-rust-driver@3be1149 · GitHub in response to scylla issue: Docker: can not connect to Scylla 5.4 with CQLSh · Issue #16329 · scylladb/scylladb · GitHub

From the issue it seems that this should be fixed in 5.4.1, so try upgrading to this if you don’t want to change healthcheck command.