Does SCYLLADB Support API or not and can we capture audit logs for REST API command also or not? Please give Some reference link regarding this

It is possible to Generate audit logs for REST API in SCYLLADB? Please mention reference link for The REST API and how many type of REST API it will support with Example how we can execute REST API in SCYLLADB?

Hello @subrato, ScyllaDB does have a REST API interface, for admin/support access.
By default it is served on port 10000 on each node and typically it is not exposed publicly, so that one needs to first SSH into the node to access the API, so sshd audit logs can be considered instead for security purposes. As for the REST API calls themselves, many of them print a log message to the system log, but not all of them.

Hello @bhalevy

Actually I am using SCYLLADB Enterprise trail In Amazon EC2 UBUNTU 22.04 and I want to know is it possible to Run REST API and generate audit logs in SCYLLA-AUDIT file where other DDL,DML,DCL,AUTH,ADMIN query audit log stored.

Could you please prove some reference url for this that’s would be helpful.

It would be really helpful for me if you can provide these details.