Auditing in Scylla Db Cloud

Hi Team,
May I know the process to enable auditing in Scylla Db Cloud?

Hi Soumalya, are you referring to enabling audit logs in the ScyllaDB instance?

If so, please take a look at How to Enable Audit logs for ScyllaDB, how many types of queries it supports and how to see the audit logs for the executed query. Also, how its audit log looks like - ScyllaDB - ScyllaDB Community NoSQL Forum.

I think he is trying to ask about scylladb cloud. Does it means Scylladb cloud is like an instance ??

ScyllaDB Cloud is a Scylla DB (Enterprise) managed by Scylla.

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We understand that it is kind of a managed service for Scylla DB(Enterprise) but we are unable to find any steps to enable auditing in Scylla DB Cloud(we know how to enable audit logging in Enterprise). Can you please provide some steps for the same?


Hi Soumalya, thanks for the clarification. We do not currently support the ability to enable Audit logging from the ScyllaDB Cloud App. Can you explain a bit more about your specific use case?

Hi Michael, we are not sure what Scylla Db cloud app is. We are planning to use Scylla Db cloud as a database where we communicate to this database by executing some queries. We are eager to know if these queries can generate some kind of audit logs in Scylla Db cloud. This is our use case.

You are welcome to try out ScyllaDB Cloud by running our Free Trial. You can start directly from

You can also take a look at our Lab - Lab: Getting Started with ScyllaDB Cloud - ScyllaDB University

Hi Michael, we have created a cluster but unable to see any settings to enable auditing as mentioned in this below link:
ScyllaDB Cloud Security Concepts | ScyllaDB Docs

Hi Soumalya, the mention of Auditing in this doc refers to internal auditing for Scylla personnel.
We do not support displaying auditing information for customers today inside Scylla Cloud