I Want to know configuration of scylla.yaml file for ScyllaDB Enterprise 30days trial edition on UBUNTU so that i can Capture CQL query audit logs

I Want to know configuration of scylla.yaml for enabling audit logging and capture all executed CQL queries.


It appears that you are simply starting several threads for every question or problem you face, without actually providing any context over what you are trying to do, nor providing any feedback on what you tried, which resources have you looked after, nor providing any logs or information that could enable us to assist.

For example, here you are asking about Audit, which you have also done in:

You have also posted on about problems with starting ScyllaDB, whereas here you are asking basically the same thing:

And you have also posted an inquiry about pricing:

At this point, it is clear that simply opening a question to every single question you may have will not scale.

First and foremost, if you are evaluating ScyllaDB Enterprise, then you should get in touch with us so we can address all your questions promptly and work along with you during your trial period. You can get in touch with us here (there’s a large “Chat Now” button at the top of the page).

Second, if you are not interested in talking to someone, then by all means, please get started with our already available community learning resources, such as:

We will be more than glad to assist you as needed, have a great day!

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