Why is it so difficult to find a good visual client to connect to ScyllaDB?

Hi, I need a good, free or trial, visual client tool to connect and make DML and DDL commands in a ScyllaDB Serverless Cloud cluster.

DBever coild work, but community edition does not have a free Cassandra Driver.

TablePlus does not work with Serverless ScyllaDB

DBVisualizer is hard to install a Cassandra driver and probably won’t work either.

SQLSh is not visual and is hard to install.

I’m a teacher and would like to use with my students a very simple and visual tool to meke commands and see results.

Dozens of Students will have to install and configure the client.

I do not want to make any other visual operations (such as modeling, Visual DDL,…).

Thank you!

Hi Furia
I understand the frustration, but it looks like you are asking the same question in different variants. As I wrote in one of the other threads, most ScyllaDB users use CQLSh to interact with ScyllaDB.

The other variant is a question of another user…
And we are not having the solution.

My students use Windows computers at home and will not install several pieces of software, such as python, docker and then a command line tool… We would loose to many classes to make it work!

Well, at least please provide support on how to use connect-bundle.yaml ScyllaDB Cluster connection file to get Key, Cert, Cert CA xml certificate files:

Thank you