TablePlus client support for ScyllaDB Cloud’s Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) serverless

How to connect to ScyllaDB Cloud’s Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) serverless using a standard database client, such as TablePlus?

After creating a ScyllaDB Free Cluster (only the serverless version is free), now Scylla Cloud generates one connection Bundle File, which is a YAML file with Key, Cert and “CA Cert” information. However I do not know how to extract these 3 pieces of security connection information to generate 3 specific files to load into each of Table Plus Cassandra connection page.

Thank you!

I’m not familiar with TablePlus, but it looks like it has support for Apache Cassandra.
The gap is Apache Cassandra drivers are compatible with ScyllaDB and Scylla Cloud with dedicated VMs, but not with the latest Scylla Cloud Serverless.
I see two alternatives:

  • Update TablePlus to use (also) the new serverless Scylla driver
  • Use Scylla Cloud with dedicated VMS. This option is not free, but for a PoC, I’m sure the sales team will be happy to help.


Thank you very much!

I do not own Table Plus, but I had already asked support for them.
Meanwhile, wich visual client (free or shareware) tool can connect to this new Cluster?

All my students will create a cluster (that’s why it must be free)…

Thank you!


I would advise checking CQLSh in this case.
It is a CLI tool, but for ScyllaDB I think you will find it useful.
ScyllaDB, like other NoSQLs, does not support complex relations between tables, so visual tools do not bring as much value as for SQL DBs.

Is it easy to install in Windows?

Ah, remember that “visual” query tools are much better to see results (I’m not talking about data modeling)

Scylla-CQLSh is a Python base too, you can download it from scylla-cqlsh · PyPI
or as Docker
(If you can use Docker, you can run ScyllaDB+CQLSh as one Docker image)

I think you will find CQLSh tabular output useful for most cases.
I would be happy to get your feedback.

I’m using ScyllaDB Serverless Cloud. And we ar not able to use Docker…

Why is it so difficult to access ScyllaDB?