Which is the right choice for an app dating ScyllaDB or MongoDB?

MongoDB Advantages for Dating Apps:

  1. Flexible Schema: MongoDB’s ability to store semi-structured data without a fixed schema is particularly beneficial for dating apps, which often need to accommodate a wide variety of user profile information and adapt to new features.

  2. Real-time Updates: MongoDB’s support for real-time updates through change streams is crucial for dating apps, where users expect to see new matches, messages, and other updates instantly.

  3. Geospatial Queries: Many dating apps use location-based features, and MongoDB’s built-in support for geospatial data makes it easier to implement these features.

  4. JSON Support: MongoDB stores data in a format similar to JSON, which is widely used in web development. This makes it easier for developers to work with the data, as they can use the same data structures and formats on the server and client sides.

Here are my questions:

  1. How does ScyllaDB compare to MongoDB in terms of handling semi-structured data and schema flexibility? Are there any third-party solutions or workarounds needed to achieve similar functionality?

  2. How does ScyllaDB’s data storage and retrieval process compare to MongoDB’s JSON-like format in terms of performance and ease of use for web development? Are there any specific considerations or third-party tools that need to be used to work with JSON data effectively in ScyllaDB?

  3. Does ScyllaDB offer built-in support for geospatial queries, and if not, what are the recommended approaches or third-party solutions for implementing location-based features in dating apps?

I’m looking for insights from the community on how ScyllaDB can be optimized for dating apps, especially in areas where MongoDB might have an advantage. Any advice, best practices, or experiences shared would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Mongo = Document
Scylla = Big column

You can build the same things? yes
Is it the same way to work and think? No


Could you please do a favor for me and give me more information and some keywords or books to help me understand and implement it?

I am learning back-end. I have 1.5 years with Elixir and Phoenix, but I started to learn with ScyllaDB University, and it’s clear even to me. I am a beginner. I think that Scylla Devhub and University contain all you need to know about Scylla and how to model and administrate data.


Look at this

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