Is ScyllaDB can be good alternative to RethinkDB

We are using rethinkDB for our operations to read millions of data using the rest API’s. The problem we are facing is performance, as their documentation & support are not so good so our team lead wants to migrate rethinkdb to any other. Now I just started exploring Scylladb and want to know if this will be a good replacement to rethinkdb.

Hi @mquanit ,

If your main concern is performance then ScyllaDB is likely to be a good candidate for your project - read some benchmarks here. Keep in mind though that while RethinkDB is a document-based database, ScyllaDB is so called key-key-value store (it’s row store, but uses a partition key and clustering key). So you might need to re-think (no pun intended) your data model if you migrate to ScyllaDB. (we have a really good course on this topic)

Furthermore, ScyllaDB is Cassandra compatible so you can find lots of tools and frameworks that work well with ScyllaDB.