Say Hello, How are you using ScyllaDB?

Welcome to the forum! Please go ahead and introduce yourself.
ScyllaDB is used for many different use cases.
Any interesting projects you’d like to share with your fellow community members?
Are there any tips/tricks you learned along the way?
How did you first hear about ScyllaDB?


I’ll go first :slight_smile:
My name is Guy Shtub, and I’m Head of Training at ScyllaDB.
I joined Scylla over four years ago to build ScyllaDB University.
My tip is that we have lots of topics covered in ScyllaDB University and in the Documentation.
If you have any questions or issues, you can ask them here. Also, feel free to suggest new topics/lessons/hands-on labs!


Hiii :raising_hand_man:t2:
My name is Mahdi Fardkohan and I have been working as a DBA & BI Engineer in a software company for several years. I’m so passionate about Data Mesh Architecture, and I found ScyllaDB when I was researching high-performance open-source distributed databases for Big Data to use in a Retail startup and I was amazed by its capabilities.

I’m honored to be here with great people like you in the ScyllaDB community, and I’m also very grateful to the venerable Scylla and its wonderful experts who put this power and knowledge into the hands of the world.


Thanks for your kind feedback, Mahdi!

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My name is Yaniv and I’m the VP R&D of Scylla, very happy to be here and read the forum notes!


My name is Diego and I’m the support engineer at Scylla, interested in the forum notes, thanks! :wink:

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Hi, my name is Fabio, and I’m a software engineer in testing leader.
I’m into details, and passionate about performance, so happy to be here.

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Hi Everyone!
Great to be here!

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Hello everyone!

This is my first time ever to join a cool community like ScyllaDB :partying_face: :partying_face:
My name is Trinh, an expat working in Germany as Data Engineer. I have no experience with NoSQL in general, but using SQL and Distributed DB (ex: HDFS) a lot. I’d like to fullfill my knowledge in this area so that I can complete my picture of Data industry. Happy to meet you in my Twitter


My name is Raya and I am a a software engineer in testing manager at ScyllaDB.
Thrilled to be here :smile:

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My name is Orane Gabrielovitch, and I’m the Israel office admin.
Happy to be here :slight_smile:

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Hi all, I’m happy to be part of our ScyllaDB community :blush: :wave:

Inna B.
Operations & Admin Manager at ScyllaDB

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Hello ScyllaDB community. I’m happy to be here. I don’t use ScyllaDB but I’m curious to learn more.

Je suis Khaled OUSMAAL spécialiste en data scientiste actuellement c’est une découverte pour moi et j’espère d’apprendre ScylladDB va solutionné plusieurs problèmes en terme d’architecture data maillage et autres je reste optimiste pour une bonne compréhension et merci pour votre travail

Hi there. I’m Suraj Vijayan, Undergraduate student from India. I’m a Full Stack web and app developer (started coding at 16) and currently into Rust and Cassandra. Learnt Cassandra (through DataStax workhops and their academy) and got certified as Developer Associate.

I had always been looking into Discord’s tech stack and came to know the fact that they moved from Cassandra to ScyllaDB. Though I studied a lot about it in blogs, I so curios (excited too like - “Whoa!! Damn! Awesome!! why not give a try?” ). And this how I ended here. Looking forward to learn ScyllaDB.

Talking about projects I have a made a lot, but the one I like a lot is my portfolio site. As its an full stack site and uses Cassandra (AstraDB) to collect website stats (yes a lot, no google analytics), people can comment, like and share my works and achievments. Why not give a try to it - and also an honorable mention to my AstraDB Navigator - A low code environment to manage you AstraDB instances.

I guess this is an pretty huge message. but yeah thank you if you came this far.

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My name is Clive Attard, and I’m a software engineer learning new technologies.
Excited to be here :smile:

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