What are the different ScyllaDB flavors? When should I use each one?

ScyllaDB comes in three different variants:

  • Open Source: a free, open-source, community-supported version. This is licensed under the AGPL. It offers great performance, a low node count, reduced complexity, and a low total cost of ownership. If you’re technical, know your way around source code, and like to be the first one to work with the latest features, this might be the version for you.

  • Enterprise: This variant is based on the ScyllaDB open-source project. It includes tested and certified production-ready binaries, software updates, and hotfixes. Additionally, it includes mission-critical technical support that guarantees that you have access to the engineers who developed ScyllaDB. ScyllaDB Enterprise has a commercial license.
    This version also includes the ScyllaDB Manager, which provides centralized cluster administration and recurrent task automation, automation of periodic repair, as well as other features which are exclusive to ScyllaDB Enterprise customers.

  • Cloud: This is the fastest and most affordable NoSQL database as a service. You get fully managed ScyllaDB Enterprise clusters. Using ScyllaDB Cloud spares your team from database administrative tasks, giving you access to ScyllaDB clusters with automatic backup, repairs, performance optimization, security hardening, and 24/7 maintenance and support. This is offered for a fraction of the cost of other database as a service offerings, without any vendor lock-in.