Updated Workload Prioritization Lesson on ScyllaDB University

We recently updated the Workload Prioritization and Attributes
on ScyllaDB University.

Workload prioritization is a feature that allows running Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) workloads on the same cluster. The traditional approach involves segregating these workloads. In the lesson, you’ll learn about ScyllaDB’s solution to efficiently run both on the same cluster.

The Workload Prioritization mechanism allows users to define and prioritize different workloads based on configured shares. This ensures fair distribution of system resources, preventing a single job from monopolizing resources and affecting other tasks. The lesson includes examples of configuring Workload Prioritization, demonstrating its impact on latency and throughput in various scenarios.
Some of these features are relevant for the Enterprise version only.
The change reflects recent updates to the feature and elaborates on this topic.

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