Upcoming change to your ScyllaDB Cloud user account

At ScyllaDB Cloud, we are in the process of enhancing self-service user management capabilities for all of our customers. This includes the ability for Admins to manage account users, invite users to their account, assign roles to users as well as additional user and account management related features.

In order to achieve the above, we are making changes to our user management infrastructure. Starting in this month, enhancements will be gradually deployed on the ScyllaDB Cloud app. We are planning on rolling out additional capabilities (such as multi-factor authentication enforcement, social login, single sign-on and much more) in future increments.

What you need to know:

  • This process will affect all ScyllaDB Cloud user accounts.
  • All your existing account data and settings will be retained on the ScyllaDB Cloud app.
  • If you currently have multi-factor authentication enabled, it will remain after you reset your password, and you will need to use it to successfully reset your password.

What will happen:

  • Starting mid-April, the next time you try to log into the ScyllaDB Cloud app, you may be prompted with a message to reset your password (a one-time action).
  • You will automatically receive an email with the subject line “Your reset password request” to your inbox. Click the “Choose a new password” button from the email to reset your password in the ScyllaDB Cloud app.
  • The ScyllaDB Cloud app will guide you through the password reset process, which should take only a minute to complete.

If you are experiencing issues with your account after the password reset procedure, contact us via Slack or email at cloud-support@scylladb.com.

ScyllaDB Cloud Team