[RELEASE] ScyllaDB Cloud - 24 April 2023

We are happy to announce a new update to the ScyllaDB Cloud service.

This release contains new self-service user management capabilities. It includes the ability for Admins to manage account users, invite users to their account, assign roles to users as well as additional user and account management related features.

Upon your next App login, you will receive a one-time password reset email (as per our recent announcement). As soon as you reset your password you will be able to enter your existing account and will have access to the new user management capabilities.

The new user management features can be found by clicking the “Settings” button from the bottom left area of the ScyllaDB Cloud app as part of the sidebar.

In addition, if you are a member of multiple ScyllaDB Cloud accounts, you will be able to switch between such accounts via the dropdown located at the top of the sidebar.

For more information, please visit our docs here.