Storage with i4i instance for scylla

Hi Community, I am trying to setup scylla 3 node cluster on production on i4i instance. I am a little apprehensive about using ephemeral storage as a primary disk.
I have read @Felipe Cardeneti Mendes answer to this here : Top Mistakes with ScyllaDB: Storage - ScyllaDB : Locally-attached disk mythbusting
But I’m still not sure if a node goes down or is stopped and started, other than backup through replication what are my options for data recovery?
Also I want to know would it be suggested to use an ebs disk attached with i4i for backup. If yes how will that work? Read and write through nvme ssd and backup on ebs or is it not possible.
If attaching ebs with nvme disk wouldn’t be utilising i4i’s cabability, then what would be the next best bet for instance type for scylla with persistant storage?

Hi, we generally don’t recommend setups other than local NVMs, from our experience it’s very unlikely that all instances would disappear at once. You can also use RF=5 or multi-dc.

If you still want to experiment you can read how discord currently does it, but it’s a complex setup and may be more likely you mismanage it than the problem you want to protect from. See How Discord Stores Trillions of Messages some ideas.