Scylla Support for Object Storage as a data Archival option

I currently work in Fintech.
Does Scylla support Object storage for data archival? Say for example, you’re a financial company which stores transactions on Scylla. With this use-case, you might want to archive financial transactions which are older than 6 years, for example. Is this currently possible using ScyllaDB? I’ve seen it with new players in the database field which allows companies to save on storage costs of NVMEs for data that is infrequently accessed

Hi @Isaac_Kinuthia
Quick answer: Yes, No,Yes

  • Yes, Scylla Manager supports a backup and restore from/to S3.
  • No, if I understand you correctly, you are asking for tiered storage functionality, where old data is available, only with higher latency and lower cost. ScyllaDB does not have tiered storage.
  • Yes, we are working in this general direction. See issues with the “object storage” label:
    Issues · scylladb/scylladb · GitHub