ScyllaDB Monitoring has no data in the charts

The most common reason for seeing no data about your cluster after installing the ScyllaDB Monitoring stack is an issue with the connection to Prometheus. To check this:

  1. Login to the Prometheus console by pointing your browser to http://{ip}:9090, where {ip} is the Prometheus IP address.
  2. Go to the target tabs: http://{ip}:9090/targets and see if any of the targets are down and if there are any error messages.

Other things to check:

  • Make sure you are not using the local network for the local IP range when using Docker containers. By default, the local IP range (127.0.0.X) is inside the Docker container. If you are trying to connect to a target via the local IP range from a Docker container, you need to use the -l flag to enable the local network stack.

  • Verify that Prometheus is pointing to the correct target by checking prometheus/scylla_servers.yml.

  • Make sure that your dashboard and Scylla versions are aligned. If, for example, you are running Scylla 5.1, you can specify a specific version with the -v flag when starting the monitoring stack: ./ -v 5.1

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