Scylladb hangs during startup

hello Everyone, I am new in Community and in Scylladb, i was trying to deploy scylladb cluster with 9 node in 3 datacenter with 3 nodes in each datacenter. There are site to site tunnels between datacenters which means nodes communicates through private ips insde tunnels. so my main question is, i am trying to deploy scylla cluster using ansible while roles and the process is hanging on the stage of starting CQL, this is the message: TASK [ansible-scylla-node : Wait for CQL port on] on my control host and in the logs of that host i get this: **ansible-wait_for Invoked with port=9042 host= timeout=25200 connect_timeout=5 delay=0 active_connection_states=['ESTABLISHED', 'FIN_WAIT1', 'FIN_WAIT2', 'SYN_RECV', 'SYN_SENT', 'TIME_WAIT'] state=started sleep=1 path=None search_regex=None exclude_hosts=None msg=None** and it has been like this for hours. any one has idea why ? thank you in advance for your help.

It’s really hard to understand, please format the message so it’s more readable.

Apology !

i few words, i am deploying scylladb cluster with ansible, and the process got stuck on cassandra trying to start on a new node for several hours:

TASK [ansible-scylla-node : Wait for CQL port on].