Removing the old snapshots of deboarded cluster gracefully from s3

Recently we have deboarded one cluster from the scylla manager but the old snapshots are still there in AWS s3 bucket costing us more,

Is there any way to gracefully delete all the snapshots stored in s3
and does it affect the scylla manager if we delete them manually from s3?

this is the structure that we have
" backup/meta/cluster/cluster_id/dc/ap-south/node/node_id/ "

Hi @Preetham_Ban

Specification for backup location defines bucket hierarchy the way that snapshots have different path per cluster Specification | ScyllaDB Docs

So, cluster ABC will keep snapshots under:
/backup/schema/cluster/ABC/… (only if you provided credentials to the cluster)

If you don’t need this cluster together with backups anymore, you can just remove these paths on your own.

Sctool provides command to list snapshots from given location Backup | ScyllaDB Docs
, but looks that we have a small bug here that requires to introduce cluster-id even if you want to list snapshots of all-clusters 'sctool backup list --all-clusters` requires cluster id · Issue #3780 · scylladb/scylla-manager · GitHub .

The same statement applies to sctool backup delete , cluster must be managed by current instance of Scylla-Manager Backup | ScyllaDB Docs
`sctool backup delete` doesn't work if cluster is removed · Issue #3781 · scylladb/scylla-manager · GitHub

Feel free to remove the cluster path in S3 location that consists of

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