[RELEASE] ScyllaDB Rust UDF Helper Library 0.1.0

We are excited to announce the first release of Rust helper library for Scylla UDFs! This can be used for writing pure Rust functions and using them as Scylla User-Defined Functions (UDFs).


  • The main feature of this crate is the ability to export a pure Rust function as a WebAssembly UDF using a single attribute macro #[export_udf].
  • The crate allows UDF developers to use all CQL types as parameters and return values of the UDFs, including user-defined types (with the help of the #[export_udt] macro).
  • Users can add their own implementations for the mapped CQL types using the newtype idiom and the #[export_newtype] macro.


The crate offers a comprehensive README file that guides users on the usage of the crate. The README includes sections on Preparation of the WASM UDFs, their usage in CQL Statements, and instructions on Contributing and Testing of the crate. The guide is intended to provide a smooth and easy process for users to get started with the crate.
The repository also includes multiple examples displaying all features of the crate.


The crate is officially supported and ready to use, but it is important to note that UDFs are still an experimental feature in ScyllaDB. As a result, the crate’s API is subject to change. We encourage users to provide feedback, bug reports, and pull requests to help improve the crate’s functionality and stability.

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