[RELEASE] ScyllaDB Rust Driver 0.11.0

The ScyllaDB team is pleased to announce ScyllaDB Rust Driver 0.11.0,
an asynchronous CQL driver for Rust, optimized for Scylla, but also compatible with Apache Cassandra!

Some interesting statistics:

  • over 1,018k downloads on crates; We passed a milion downloads!
  • over 490 GitHub stars!

Notable changes

The main feature of this PR is refactor of serialization API. Old traits and structs (Value, ValueList, BatchValues - renamed to LegacyBatchValues, SerializedValues - renamed to LegacySerializedValues) are replaced by new ones (SerializeCql, SerializeRow, new BatchValues, new SerializedValues). There are wrappers and helper implementations provided, designed to aid in gradually migrating to new API - see the migration guide in the book for more information. Old traits and structs will be removed in one of future versions.

New serialization API has a benefit of type safety - now, if you use wrong type for a bind marker in a query, you will get an understandable error locally (without actually executing the query on the database) instead of cryptic deserialization error from Scylla, or worse - silent data corruption.

API cleanups / breaking changes:

  • Improved support of common time and date crates - thanks Anfid for contribution (745)

New features / enhancements:

  • Check count of batch statements locally and reject too long batches without contacting the server. This PR also changes some improper usages of i16 to u16 (#824)
  • Implement Default for MaybeUnset (#883)


  • Updated Sphinx theme to 1.6 (#827)
  • Removed usage of illegal consistency level in an example (#840)
  • Removed redundant explicit link target in documentation (#848)
  • Updated UDT example to be in line with docs (#849)
  • Fixed a lot of typos (#876)

Bug fixes:

  • Manually dereference Option<&&str> in one place to work around possible rustc bug (#838)

CI / developer tool improvements:

  • Set workspace cargo resolver to version = 2 in order to get rid of annoying warning (#833)
  • Improved error handling in test_coalescing (#834)
  • Fix benchmarks compilation and compile them in CI to prevent further errors (#853)
  • Use latest Cassandra version again, as the new version fixed the problem that made our tests fail (#850)
  • Fix clippy new warning needless_borrows_for_generic_args (#861)
  • Added possibility to filter out control connection messages to the proxy (#863)
  • Commited renamed Cargo.lock file to be used in MSRV testing (#856)
  • Compile benchmarks when calling make ci so that developers can notice errors while testing locally (#877)
  • Pass the hostname of the container when checking for its health with cqlsh to unblock CI (#873)

Congrats to all contributors and thanks everyone for using our driver!

The source code of the driver can be found here:

The official crates.io registry entry is here:

Thank you for your attention, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, issues, feature requests, or are simply interested in our driver!

Contributors since the last release:

commits author
116 Piotr Dulikowski
67 Karol Baryła
5 Jan Ciołek
5 Sylwia Szunejko
1 David Garcia
1 Mikhail Pogretskiy
1 Nick Sippl-Swezey
1 Oliver Bøving
1 RoDmitry
1 Samuel Orji
1 Yaniv Kaul

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