[RELEASE] ScyllaDB Enterprise 2022.2.13

The ScyllaDB team announces ScyllaDB Enterprise 2022.2.13, a bug-fix production-ready ScyllaDB Enterprise patch release for ScyllaDB Enterprise 2022.2 Feature Release..

Note the latest ScyllaDB Enterprise release is 2023.1 LTS, and you are encouraged to upgrade to it in coordination with the ScyllaDB Support team.

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The following issues are fixed in this release (with an open-source reference, if available):

  • CQL: Cannot Cast Counter To Double #14501
  • CQL: Missing counterasblob() function, converting from Counter to Blob #14742
  • Logs: missing delimiter between partition key and clustering key in large data warning customer #11620
  • Nodetool: nodetool stop RESHAPE stops individual task, but doesn’t abort the whole operation #15058
  • Nodetool: Incorrect output in cfhistograms/tablehistograms #10089
  • Stability: KMIP connector runs an endless loop with more than one failover host, ending with JMX won’t start after enabling KMIP. KMIP server is one of the alternatives for storing keys for Encryption at Rest in ScyllaDB Enterprise.
  • Stability: an extremely rare case can cause Iterator invalidation in lsa_partition_reader::reset_state(), following by process exit #14696
  • Stability: cached_file, used by index caching, will potentially cause a crash after OOM #14814
  • Stability: Mitigate semaphore mismatch when possible, which may lead to unexpected exit. #14770
  • Stability: when tables are dropped during a running repair, a repair_tracker run failed: data_dictionary::no_such_column_family #13045
  • scylla_raid_setup: --online-discard option always enables ‘discard’ #14963
  • Stability: Temporary SSTables generated by incremental compaction (used by LCS and ICS) are being incorrectly compacted #14560
  • Stability: view_updating_consumer does not account for partition header size. In extreme case, this bug can cause OOM and exit when MV is created from a base table with many small partitions #14819
  • Correctness: a rare combination of MV build and topology update may cause staging sstables to be missed in a cleanup compaction, potentially causing data resurrection #9559