Reddit like app - use single or multiple tables?

Hello there,
I am evaluating ScyllaDB for purpose of creating an application that would be in Reddit style. So, I have like Subreddits (Topics), Posts (Questions) and Comments (answers for that specific post).

Do I need to separate tables for Topics, Questions and Comments? Do they need to have some between them with relations? Performance-wise, what is the best model?

What do you think about this proposal? And should I have relations between them.

The best model depends on what you expect to be the most common query.

You should start with listing queries. e.g. all posts for a subreddit, all comments within a post, and weight them by frequency and importance. The table structure will be derived from that.

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The Data Modeling and Application Development course on ScyllaDB University, starting with Basic Data Modeling, might also be of interest.