On startup: commitlog - cannot parse the version of the file: Commitlog-2-xxxxxxxxx.log

After updating and starting scylla (5.1.5), I got this in the log a few times, only for shard 0:

[shard 0] commitlog: Cannot parse the version of the file: Commitlog-2-xxxxxxxxx.log

I don’t understand this, since the commitlog folder was empty as I drained the node before the update.

What’s the reason of this?


If this happens before “init - loading system_schema sstables” then the warning is benign and means that the schema commit log is ignoring files which belong to the regular commitlog. We’re planning to fix that warning so that it doesn’t confuse users. See Multiple "commitlog - cannot parse the version" warnings during boot · Issue #11867 · scylladb/scylladb · GitHub. The is already a PR which addresses that.

As for why are there commit log files despite draining the node, those commitlog segments were most likely created on that very same boot because of writes to system tables which happen before the commitlog replay.