How to disable experimental features on already running cluster

I have a 5.2.9 cluster running. Currently in the scylla config I have the following experimental features enabled:

  - alternator-ttl
  - alternator-streams

How can I disable these features on my cluster? I have tried removing them from scylla.yml and restart the service but the node will not join the cluster anymore with following error:
(Feature 'ALTERNATOR_STREAMS' was previously enabled in the cluster but its support is disabled by this node. Set the corresponding configuration option to enable the support for the feature.)

Enabling Alternator Streams means that the feature flag bit is set in gossip, so you can’t disable it any longer.

But this shouldn’t be a problem, as you simply can avoid using it by not having any Alternator tables with Streams enabled. Just keep the ball rolling, or re-create the cluster with the feature disabled.

Unrelated, yet worth to mention anyway: Alternator TTL is production ready on 5.2, so you no longer have to enable it manually on scylla.yaml