How to automatically create data directories?

We use scylla operator to manage our scylla in Kubernetes. Every time we start the new node in the cluster we get the error during the execution of scylla_io_setup:

/var/lib/scylla/commitlog was not found. Please check the configuration and run scylla_io_setup again.

So we have to manually create this directories and rerun the script. Is it possible to automate it and create data directories automatically? Or may be there any other ways to do it?

ScyllaDB is responsible for initializing working directory. What storage provisioner do you use?
Please attach must-gather dump.

I mean we run scylla on AWS EKS with scylla-operator. Every time we create a new node - scylla container starts and tries to execute scylla_io_setup before actual scylladb, which will create data directories. And of course it fails as no data directories are created. How can we tell scylla-operator to skip scylla-io-setup stage at all?