Getting started

Hi, I am following the first course in Scylla University and trying to do the hands on lab. I created my cluster in the cloud and connected to it in the web site. Following the instructions, the next step is to connect using a command: docker run -it --rm --entrypoint cqlsh scylladb/scylla -u scylla -p *************** X.X.X.X I am assuming the * is the password so I changed it. Now what is the ip adress? In the previous instructions says " If you selected the Dedicated Cluster option, ensure your IP is added to the Allowed IPs list. This is to allow connections from the outside world to your new ScyllaDB Cloud cluster." But I never saw that option. Should I put my IP adress or the cluster adress? If it is the second, how do I know it? Thanks!

Hi Ana,

Seems like you went through the Serverless Free Trial path, which doesn’t require you to add your IP to the Allowed IPs list.

The Docker command you provided here is only relevant to Dedicated clusters, not for Serverless clusters. For your free Serverless trial cluster, you can go to My Cluster > select your cluster > navigate to “Connect” tab, and then follow the instructions (with a serverless cluster you will need to download a bundle which contains all of the cluster info such as it’s hostname and certificate)

Let me know if you need any more clarifications.