Getting Error in Lab: Getting Started with ScyllaDB Cloud

I am running the docker command as defined in the courseware but I am getting an error: (I have masked the password and IP address)

❯ docker run -it --rm --entrypoint cqlsh scylladb/scylla-cqlsh -u scylla -p XXXXX XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

Warning: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.
Recommendation: use the credentials file to securely provide the password.

Connection error: ('Unable to connect to any servers', {'XXX.XXX.XXX.XXXX:9042': OSError(None, "Tried connecting to [('XXX.XXX.XXX.XXXX', 9042)]. Last error: timed out")})

My IP4 address is in the “Allowed IPs List.”

Also, I would like to note in the course that two quiz questions topics were not covered during the video.

I opened a support ticket first and then discovered this support forum.

Hi Michael,

It’s a long shot but just wondering if you are using any VPN? If, yes, try to stop the VPN add your new public IP to the “Allowed List” and retry.


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Hi Michael, did you manage to solve the issue?

With the cloud connection no but a work around with a local docker container got me through the exercise.

Could you share your workaround? I’d like to see if/how we can improve the instructions for this Lab exercise.

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It was simply to complete the exercise from a docker container. I went to docker hub, pulled down a copy, ran it and completed the exercise. I basically did exactly what the very next exercise did.