[FEATURE REQUEST] Serverless ScyllaDB Cloud on Azure

Currently ScyllaDB Serverless Cloud supports AWS and GCP (see this blog post).
It would be really great to have Serverless option available for Microsoft Azure Cloud.
Currently Azure Cloud is the second most popular cloud infrastructure provider (after AWS). Thus, adding support for this Cloud provider gives a number of users the possibility to use Serverless ScyllaDB for their use cases.

Hi porunov Thanks for the feedback.
First, Scylla Cloud Serverless runs on AWS only, not GCP.
Second, we plan to add Azure support, but there has yet to be a timeline for it.

Quick question: are you primarily interested in Serverless or Azure support? In other words, would a dedicated VM on Azure be relevant for you?

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Hi @tzach !
Thank you for replay.
We are primarily interested in Serverless deployment on Azure. We are currently using AstraDB Serverless deployment on Azure. It would be interesting to test and compare AstraDB Serverless deployment and ScyllaDB Serverless deployment and see how they differ in term of latency, storage cost, write cost, read cost, and the features available.
Unfortunately, a dedicated VM on Azure isn’t an option for us at this moment.

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