Engaging with the ScyllaDB Community

There are already a number of ways to engage with the ScyllaDB Community. Let’s just go over a few:

So why would we want another? Because users appreciate choice, and different people like to engage via different media.

That said, there are usually strengths and weaknesses to different media which would gravitate certain conversations to different platforms. Online forums are nothing new, but community forums, discussion boards, persist because they have certain advantages:

  • Segregate conversations by topic or category
  • Visible to Google and other search engines
  • Persistent and public
  • Directly communicating with ScyllaDB maintainers and staff

If people are happy to be using their existing media of choice to communicate with the ScyllaDB community and are getting the answers they need, then please stick with it! These forums are our way of adding more choice, and to hopefully to get better re-use of the knowledge you all share with the community day in and day out.

As the Director of Technical Advocacy here at ScyllaDB, we hope to use this forum to communicate with you more actively, interactively and directly. A big shout-out to Guy Shtub who championed the project into fruition!


Thanks Peter!
A bit more about when to use slack and when to use this forum:

Community Forum
This forum is a great place to ask questions, get detailed answers, have in-depth discussions, and search for all the previously answered questions.

  • Searchability
  • Better for deeper technical issues and discussions
  • You can win badges and earn trust levels

User Slack
Our community Slack channel provides real-time chat with ScyllaDB experts and other ScyllaDB users.

  • Suitable for short quick answers
  • Real-time chat interaction

Great work!
Lets send it to the open world…

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