Does Scylla implement the `sstablerepairedset` tool?

I saw a tool called sstablerepairedset in cassandra, which can mark different SSTable files with a mark indicating whether they have been repaired or not. But I haven’t seen any related implementation in Scylla, except in Java submadel. I tried running it, but it reported the following error:

[root@libo built_views-4b3c50a9ea873d7691016dbc9c38494a]# sstablerepairedset --really-set --is-repaired me-3gcw_0i5j_313gw2jbrsllb58xj8-big-Data.db
Exception (org.apache.cassandra.exceptions.ConfigurationException) encountered during startup: Missing directive: partitioner
Missing directive: partitioner

Can scylla also repair only SSTables marked as unrepaired like cassandra.

No, we don’t support this tool or this use case.
What are you trying to achieve with that?

sstablerepairdset is used in conjunction with Cassandra’s incremental repair functionality, which we did not implement in ScyllaDB (nor do we have any plans to implement it). The flag this tool sets is ignored by ScyllaDB and therefore using the tool itself makes no sense.

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