CRUD examples using app

Do you have examples of Create/Read/Update/Delete operations on ScyllaDB using a front-end application?

Yes, we have a few examples. One is the IoT Care-pet project. It covers application creation, configuration, data modeling, and design in different languages (Go, Java, Rust, Javascript, and more).
You can find the github repo for it here.
ScyllaDB University has a few hands-on labs which cover CRUD operations, for example:

  • The High Availability lesson. Covers topics such as Replication Factor and Consistency Level and see how they affect read and write operations when all of the nodes in the cluster are up, and also when some of them are unavailable.
  • Basic Data Modeling lesson. The lesson focuses on topics like Keyspace, Table, Column, Row, Primary Key, Partition Key, Compound Key, Clustering Key, and the CQL Shell. In the lab, you will see how to perform some CRUD operations.
    Run a cqlsh and perform basic queries
  • Tic-tac-toe Alternator lab, based on the Amazon DynamoDB Tic-tac-toe example app project.