Change CL at CQLSH login time

How can I change CL when login to CQLSH, getting following error message="Operation timed out for system_auth.roles - received only xx responses from xx CL=QUORUM." . I want to change CL=ONE at login time.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by changing the consistency level at login.
You can see a hands-on example of how to change the CL using CQLSH in High Availability ScyllaDB University lesson.

There is no way to change this, this is an internal query done by ScyllaDB and the CL it uses is not tunable.

It is kind of tunable , as non ‘cassandra’ user would use local one cl. More about it here Creating a Custom Superuser | ScyllaDB Docs

It’s an old quirk which soon will be fixed.

What I noticed even java driver uses the same CL when it tries to connect. We are facing issue with connection timeout due to CL=quorum. If all quorum nodes does not respond connection timeouts. Is there any tunable parameter in java driver.