Automatic down nodes removal

Does Scylla include an option to automatically remove inaccessible nodes after some time? Otherwise do you think periodically checking the cluster status and executing nodetool removenode a bad idea?
I don’t want unhandled issues that couldn’t be mitigated automatically and require manual intervention on some nodes to interfere with new nodes joining the cluster…

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

It is recommended to call removenode

But after 72h of a node not available it should be deleted
from the gossip information on its own.

It might interfere if you gonna try and reuse that ip address

I would be careful doing automation based on the gossipinfo, to remove nodes
I would also cross check with the cloud provider, to make sure you aren’t removing a node that was just out of contact for a few minutes.

I see… Is there any way to slightly shorten the expire time?
After briefly looking at the gossiper implementation, it seems like a hard coded value; But I would love to be proven wrong :')

Thanks anyway!

I’m not sure why it’s not configurable

You can suggest it in an issue or even in a Pull request

like Ron Harel reacted to your message: