Removing a dead node

I have a Scylla cluster running. Due to some storage issues I had to remove a node. The node is not physically alive at this moment.

I tried to remove this via nodetool removenode ID

But the node has been in DL state from quite sometime due to which I can not run certain operations or add new nodes as they are giving consistency errors. Is there anyway I can update the state of the cluster?

If it’s possible, try to restore the node and then use nodetool decommission.
Otherwise, you can use nodetool removnode. This lets the other nodes know that the node is down, and redistributes the data. You can see all the details here.

Suppose you have 3 nodes. Node1, node2, node3. Due to some reasons you did node3 terminated completely. its not alive.
JUST Login the node1 or node2 and check nodetool status it shows as 3 nodes and node 3 is DN state. Now you want to remove the node3 from nodetool status . use below steps.
capture the node3 IP and host id from nodetool status output.
Now prepare below command
nodetool removenode --ignore-dead-nodes Node3 IP Node3 Host id

Now execute command. Once done validate nodetool status