ScyllaDB Summit - Agenda is now available

The ScyllaDB Summit agenda is now posted: ScyllaDB Summit 2023 | Agenda

With 2 days of 30+ sessions, ScyllaDB Summit (free + virtual) is an opportunity to quickly:

  • Discover ScyllaDB’s latest innovations for data-intensive applications and learn what’s on the short-term and long-term roadmap
  • Hear how ScyllaDB is being used by engineers at Discord, Hulu, Strava, Sharechat & other gamechangers
  • Get the ScyllaDB engineering perspective on topics like serverless, observability, drivers, consistency algorithms, compaction strategies & our DynamoDB API
  • Explore real-world ScyllaDB integrations and best practices: Pulsar, Flink, Ansible, Quarkus, Quine, all-ARM clusters & more
  • Learn about the latest trends across event streaming, graph DBs, and the broader data ecosystem
  • Hear how your peers are solving their toughest database challenges
  • Connect with database, development, and engineering experts from around the world

We’ll also have our Solution Architects available to answer your questions in our ScyllaDB lounge. If you’re an open source user, this is a great chance to get your top questions and challenges addressed by our experts! Plus, you might end up with some cool ScyllaDB Monster swag. :slight_smile: