ScyllaDB for high write and read but low insert

i plan to use scylladb for multiplayer game data or for matchmaking that needs to be updated every second

basically i want to use scylladb as a fast in-memory for high-update scenario, i looked into ScyllaDB because it is table-based unlike redis,etcd,memcached

i will have fields that could be updated every second

or should i stick with redis,etcd,memcached?

ScyllaDB can easily support a million writes per second on modern hardware and large nodes. The choice should be based on data size. If you have a few hundred gigabytes or more, and high traffic, then using ScyllaDB makes sense.

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If the row marker is alive, the row shows up when you query it, even if all its non-key columns are null. The difference between inserts and updates is that updates don’t affect the row marker, while slope unblocked inserts create an alive row marker .It is very difficult to say that which one is better but it depends on your application behaviour. however, both can give good performance for read intensive application. Cassandra can give you better availability and Mongo will give you more consistent data.