ScyllaDB Datadog integration Issue

We are getting the issue post integrating the scylladb on datadog.
Not getting the metric value from node exporter only the names.
What could be the issue? Current monitoring stack version: 4.4.5 , do we required monitoring stack 5.x for this integration.

The latest monitoring version is 4.6.1; though it’s unnecessary, upgrading to the latest version is a good idea.

Datadog is limited in the number of metrics it can handle compared to the amount collected by Prometheus.
For that reason, we mark some of the metrics (both from ScyllaDB and node_exporter) with a specific tag.

You can see that configuration under: prometheus/prometheus.yml.template in the job_name: node_exporter

Maybe there are metrics you need that aren’t there. You can add them manually, open an issue for Scylla monitoring, and I’ll add them in the next release.

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Is next release done ? Have these things added in that release. Or still it is in planning.