ScyllaDB CodeFirst?

Hi, I’m .NET dev that is trying out ScyllaDB. My previous experience was with MSSQL and EF. I used code first and DbMigrations for updating my Database from code.

While testing/playing around with ScyllaDB I used to create new tables with cqlsh like:
CREATE TABLE heartrate_v1 (
pet_chip_id uuid,
time timestamp,
heart_rate int,
PRIMARY KEY (pet_chip_id)

which is database first approach.

But is there anyway/tool. To work with ScyllaDB as CodeFirst. So when I make new object in C# code, it make new table in Keyspace, and if I add new prop to that object, it add new column to existing table?

Hi @Bruce_Haset_Lee,
I’m not familiar with CodeFirst but if you looking for ORM for C# you can try datastax C# driver [1] which ScyllaDB is fully compatible with,

[1] GitHub - datastax/csharp-driver: DataStax C# Driver for Apache Cassandra

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