ScyllaDB Blobs internal treatment in comparison to ASCII and Text

How are blobs treated internally in comparison to Ascii or Text? Storage wise it should be better, but does ScyllaDB compute its own hashes for every primary key column? I want to know the details.

*originally asked on ScyllaDB’s community slack channel

There is not much difference internally, actually. From ScyllaDB’s POV all values are binary blobs with different serialize/deserialize/compare routines attached to them.

Scylla only computes a hash for the partition key as a whole. Individual columns are not hashed.

Compare wise, blobs, as well as text and ASCII are compared lexicographically. This should yield identical ordering for all three choices.

Overall I think blob is the best choice simply because it is the most compact form storage-wise and has no other disadvantages over text/ASCII for this use-case that I can think of.